CENESA (Civic Education Network for Eastern and Southern Africa) is a sub-regional network that is creating a space for the leading and learning minds in civic education and youth empowerment. 

The Resolution to set up CENESA was adopted at the Civic Education Forum held in Entebbe, Uganda 2017 organized by the Foundation for Human Rights Initiative (FHRI) in Uganda and Robert Bosch Stiftung after the realization that:

  • There is currently no mechanism to formalize relationships of civic educators and youth empowerment actors across the subcontinent.
  • CENESA is a sub-regional network.
  • It will bring together civic and democracy education organizations to share and exchange experiences, resources and best practice approaches on how to deal with related civic education REGIONAL

The Network is currently run by an Interim Steering Committee (ISC) of seven members who were democratically appointed at the Entebbe Forum. Each member is a representative from one of the seven countries (Burundi, Kenya, Malawi, South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda) that were present at the Entebbe workshop.

The FHRI Rights Initiative was appointed as the interim coordinating organization and secretariat. 



“a region with a well-informed, empowered, active and responsible citizenry based on the principles of democracy, respect for human rights and good governance.”


CENESA works towards providing a regional civic education platform for mutual support, knowledge sharing, capacity building, advocacy and regional cooperation to individuals, Civil Society, private sector, state and other stakeholders.







5.Cooperation and partnerships

6.Mutual respect

7.Respect for human rights

8.Gender equality

9.Team spirit

10. Non-partisan (to be further defined for clarity eg. Non aligned to any political party / Independent)


  • To promote civic education in Eastern and Southern Africa.
  • To facilitate knowledge and experience sharing as well as the identification of best practices amongst members and partners.
  • To provide solidarity, support and cooperation across the region.
  • To establish fundraising synergies for better fulfillment of CENESA objects at all levels.
  • Coordinate policy advocacy efforts on governance and civic empowerment of citizens of Eastern and Southern Africa.
  • Encourage peer learning, research and resource sharing for the promotion of civic education and policy advocacy in the region.
  • To promote and enhance networking and people centered regional cooperation in Eastern and Southern Africa.
  • To work with other like-minded organizations and networks within Africa and globally.


Instructively during the 12th ISC meeting held in Nairobi on 31st July 2019, the ISC deliberated on the strategic role of CENESA in the region.  It resolved that CENESA should prioritize the following seven strategies.

  •  Information Sharing and knowledge management.
  • Research and Publications.
  • Lobbying and advocacy.
  • Capacity Building.
  • Membership recruitment.
  • Study visits, fellowships and exchange programs.
  • Institutional Building.

Organizational Structure